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Dan's Free Postal Calendar

Free Postal Calendar

This Freeware Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program will generate Postal Calendars, complete with holidays and paydays for any calendar year between 1994 and 2050. Remember to set your print margins to zero and look at a print preview before printing.

If you don't have Microsoft Excel, I have included several generated PDF calendars below.

Changing The Year

Many people have asked how to change the year.

Simply click the arrows at the top of the spreadsheet.

Change Year

Download Dan's Postal Calendar

Current Version - 1.06




Excel Spreadsheet

187 KB

Zip File

66 KB

If you don't have Microsoft Excel, use the printable PDF files below for your desired calendar year.



2023 Printable PDF

2024 Printable PDF

2025 Printable PDF

2026 Printable PDF